Goggle Man

One evening years ago when our daughter Arla was about two years old she was playing on the patio behind our house. Suddenly I heard her cry, and she came in terrified.

“Goggle-man, Mommy, goggle-man,” she sobbed. I didn’t know what goggle-man meant, but I understood that some man had frightened her. (Years later she remembered him as a man on a motorcycle.)

When my husband came home, he asked, “Is everything all right? Coming home tonight I had the feeling that you were in danger.”

I told him about the goggle-man and then we recalled discovering that the chain on our back gate had been cut that week. Did someone plan to harm our daughter?

We put the children to bed and then knelt to pray. We had to have God’s protection even if it meant praying all night. Praying all night was not necessary, however, for praying earnestly we soon received an assurance that all would be well. Perhaps the rest God brought to me was as much a miracle as the safety of our daughter. The debilitating fears that can follow such incidents were simply not there for either my daughter or me.

Thank you, Jesus, for allowing us to see with our spiritual eyes the evidence not yet visible to our physical eyes.

“Now faith is being sure of what we hope for and certain of what we do not see” (Hebrews 11:1).