Worship Changes Us!

"I began arising early each morning to spend time worshipping the Lord," reported Ann who was hungry for God's presence. "I used the Psalms, singing them back to God. After about six months, several people at different times made comments like, 'There's something different about you.'"

She said that during this time she thought her hair was exceptionally unattractive, so she was certain it was not her physical appearance. Her worship brought the presence of God into her life in a fresh way and others noticed.

Meeting with God and worshiping Him is the highest happiness and the highest objective we can have in life. No sacrifice is too great.

Dear Father, I praise You because of Your faithfulness to meet me when I worship You.

"Make an altar of earth for me and sacrifice on it....I will come to you and bless you." (Ex. 20:24).

Today's Prayer Request
Pray that each one of the instrumentalists will be anointed by the Holy Spirit. Pray for Arla Mitchell, Jennifer Merrinar, Darcy Dill, Becky Bennett, Marry Carraco, and Linda Boyette.

I'm grateful that over 100 of you responded to the call for those willing to pray for registrants. Five have asked for the entire list! Nearly 1500 have registered. If you would also like individuals to pray for, please email me.