No Desire to Pray?

Aletha HinthornIf you desire to spend time with Jesus, cherish that desire. As you follow through with a small desire, God will reward you with more desire.

But what do we do when we lack desire? "One thing that helped me was asking God to increase my desire," one lady said. Then she added, "But whether you sense desire or not, just do it!"

George Watson, in A Pot of Oil, says the will, more than any other part of our nature, expresses the depth of our character in the sight of God. When prayer seems dry and we can't concentrate, we must deliberately choose--set our will--to pray anyway. Such praying may seem very unsatisfactory to us, but it is very pleasing to God. Much of our spiritual development comes during the dry and hard times.

Jesus, thank You for remembering all those prayers I've prayed more out of routine and duty than inspiration.

"To the faithful you show yourself faithful" (Psalm 18:25)

Today's Prayer Request
One of the ten ladies who asked for the entire list of 1500 women so she could pray for each lady coming to the conference has just been diagnosed with shingles and is in much pain. Please pray for her and all those faithful prayer warriors who may now be needing prayer.