But It's Her Fault

Ruth and a college classmate did not get along. Ruth told me the story.

“Others did not know of our dislike for each other, but we both knew it. This went on for two years. I thought, I haven’t done anything; this is her fault so I don’t need to apologize."

Finally, tired of harboring wrong feelings, Ruth prayed, “‘Lord would You help me to love her?’ I still did not love her, though, despite my prayer. One day the Spirit convicted me that I should apologize to her. I saw her across the gym, and I started towards her wondering why I was doing it.

"But as soon as I said her name, I felt God’s love cover me--from the top of my head down to my feet. When I asked her to forgive me, she began telling me all the things I had done wrong. Amazed, I thought, there’s another side to this! We became friends and are still close friends today."

The moment Ruth did her part, God gave her plenty of love. Producing the fruit of the Spirit is a cooperative effort between us and the Holy Spirit. It is as though our loving acts open the channel for His love to flow through us.

Dear Jesus, help me to be a channel of Your love today.