Prayer and a Boyfriend

Mothers hoping to bring changes in their older children often strategize and plan what words to say. They try to force by withholding approval or affection. Seldom is God’s work accomplished that way.

I grew up with a mother who understood this. When I was a teen, she did not approve of a certain boyfriend. She had one gentle talk with me, giving me valid reasons for her concern, but I knew in my heart she was giving God no rest about this relationship. When I later asked her if she had fasted during that time, she replied, “I doubt that I had much appetite.”

Amazingly, I don’t recall any hint of her showing disapproval of me, as though she were trying to persuade me to change to win her approval. She was too wise for that. She wanted them to be God’s work.

After a brief time, I began to notice that I was simply no longer attracted to the guy. I knew Mother had prayed and trusted God.

One of my favorite verses is Romans 11:36: “For from him and through him and to him are all things.” If the ideas of what to say and the timing are from Him, if we do all through His strength, and if we say only what He gives us to say, His work is done. Otherwise, our words and efforts achieve nothing good.

Thank You, Jesus, for the power of Your still, small voice.