Gregg's Lesson

When our son Gregg was about four years old, I became aware that it’s a mother’s responsibility to take her children into Jesus’ presence.

I had just overheard Gregg take the Lord’s name in vain. I led him by the hand to my bedroom where we knelt beside the bed, and he dutifully prayed, “I’m sorry, God. Please forgive me.” It all seemed to be so routine. I didn’t sense any genuine repentance, so we stayed beside the bedside talking, praying, singing.

Finally, I reminded the Lord that when He was on earth, and mothers brought their children to Him, He blessed them. Would He do that for my son? At once Gregg, began to cry, his unconcern was gone, and the joy that accompanies the Lord’s presence was real to both of us. For weeks I noticed that Gregg was happier and more obedient after being in Jesus’ presence.

God wants to help us feel concerned when our children do something that hinders them from going into His presence and then to spend time with them trying to help them regain a clear conscience.

Jesus didn’t say, “Make the children come,” but “Let the children come to me.” Children will go to Jesus if encouraged and not hindered.
Thank You, Jesus, for inviting the children to come to You.