The Choice She Will Not Regret

One of the ladies in our Bible study said that one evening her husband suggested, “How abut inviting my parents to visit us this weekend? They need a few days away from home.”

With her hands in soapsuds and her back to her husband, she groaned inwardly as she reviewed the week-end schedule. Their visit would not fit into her plans at all. But before she replied, a phrase from Isaiah came to mind: “Hide not thyself from thine own flesh” (58:6 KJV).

She had a choice. Would she ignore this command and convince herself that it didn’t apply to this situation? Or would she choose to be cleansed by the Word? She chose quickly before her good intentions could go down the drain with the soapsuds.

“Sure, go ahead and invite them.” She would trust God to arrange their week-end schedules.

With a cleansed attitude, she was free to enjoy that week. Memories of attending an organ concert, buying donuts at midnight, and talking together as they worked in the kitchen remained as pleasant reminders that when she humbly accepts His Word, she finds God’s ways are best.

Father, please help me to remember that my response to the Word is my response to You.