If Your Car Starts to Slide...

My husband and I were driving home from Wichita one night during a snow storm. Despite his careful driving, suddenly our car began to spin out of control. We headed for the huge drop-off beside the road.

A few days earlier I had read a book titled The Power of Crying Out that related a story of a man who cried aloud to God when he was about to have an accident during a blizzard and God protected him. 

That story flashed through my mind, and I immediately began calling out "Help us, Jesus! Help us, Jesus!"

He did. Our car skidded to the concrete embankment in the middle of the road. Despite some damage, the car was drivable.

We took it to be repaired, and a few days later, my husband got a phone call.

"Are you sitting down?" the owner of the repair shop asked. "My mechanic used the wrong size screw and we've cracked your engine block. We will send your car to the dealer for a new engine. Our insurance will cover the cost."

So our not-new car received a new engine at no cost to us. Could it be Jesus was still helping?

Thank You, Jesus, for hearing every prayer we pray.

"LORD, help! they cried in their trouble, and he saved them from their distress" (Psalm 107:6 NLT).