Hear God Speak When You Read Your Bible

A notebook and pen beside me as I read my Bible have become one of my ways to say, "Lord, I am expecting to receive something too good to forget when I read today. I want to demonstrate my love for You by caring for wisdom when it comes." If a verse strikes me as one I would like to better understand or I simply like what it says and want it to be lived out in my life, I write it down.

When the burning bush appeared to Moses, Moses did a significant thing. He "turned aside to see" (Ex. 3:4). The way I "turn aside to see" is to write down a phrase or a verse that I'm interested in. Often new insights come when I am in the process of writing down a verse.

When David was giving his son Solomon the instructions for the temple he was to build, he said, "All this the Lord made me understand in writing by his hand upon me" (I Chron. 28:19 KJV). I understand this verse to say that as David wrote, the Lord gave him understanding.

I've discovered that is often the process. New insights come as I write down a verse, perhaps because writing slows me down so I can consider carefully each detail. My recording what I'm reading becomes my way of saying to God, "I'm looking to You to teach me what I should hear You say through this verse today." He responds to this desire.

Dear Lord, help me to carefully protect the treasures You teach me as I read Your Word.

"Wise men lay up knowledge" (Proverbs 10:14).