What About Our Failures?

No failure or mistake is so serious but what God can make something worthwhile from our lives. We have a great Redeemer who can redeem any situation we give to Him.

It is said that in making a Persian rug the master weaver stands on one side of the loom and shouts instructions to those weaving on the other side. In Let God Guide You Daily, Wesley Duewel writes that if a weaver should make a serious mistake, a truly great master weaver can weave his error into the pattern and others will never realize a mistake was made.

God is the master weaver of our lives. Once we are surrendered to Him, He can weave our mistakes into something useful and beautiful. Past points of disobedience do not need to make us give up in defeat. God can still use us and will still deliver us from the mess we have made. It is a great comfort to remember that God’s mercies are new each morning.

A little girl was trying her best to cut out pattern pieces for a dress. The design she cut was all wrong. What a mess she had made! Tearfully she handed the heap to her mother. “Fix it, Mommy,” and Mommy did fix it. By creatively rearranging the pieces, she made something beautiful for the daughter she loved so much.

This is the way I have dealt with failures. I just hand the whole mess up to Him. I have learned to trust Him to take the pieces I give Him and know that as I begin to trust God in that situation, it is all over for Satan. God is rearranging the pieces into something beautiful.

Thank You, Father, that I need never despair. You  use past defeats to accomplish Your perfect will.

“I will repay you for the years the locusts have eaten” (Joel 2:25).

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