God Still Heals

Aletha Hinthorn Audra's husband Kevin was acutely ill in the ICU with a sudden but unknown illness. They had been preparing to go to the mission field, and now the doctor told Audra that Kevin's body was shutting down and he probably would not survive.

Audra left the ICU desperate for a place to pray and noticed a door labeled "Chapel." She walked quietly to the front, sat down, and began pouring out her heart to God pleading with Him to intervene. "Lord Jesus, all authority has been given to You. I ask in Your name that You spare Kevin's life."


In her book Behind the Veils of Yemen, Audra described what happened. "Suddenly the ceiling began to change. It became like a flowing white curtain. I felt like I was standing at the footstool of Christ, like I was at His feet and He was standing just above the curtain in a place I could not see."

God's words came clearly. "I have heard your prayer."

Audra stopped praying and blinked at the ceiling above her. In the fog of her fatigue, she questioned if she had heard the voice of God or imagined it. She rose slowly from the pew.

"Lord, if You said You heard my prayer, I believe You. I know You can heal Kevin."

She returned to Kevin's room and sat by him praying as she saw his body continuing to toss from side to side. But as she watched, a change began to come over him. The tossing of his body began to slow. Eventually it stopped and Kevin settled into a peaceful sleep.

The nurse said, "I think he is doing better." She sounded surprised. His disease remained undiagnosed and his medical team was mystified. But Kevin was healed and they later went to Yemen as missionaries.


Thank You, Lord, that our health is Your concern.


"He forgives all my sins and heals all my diseases" (Psalm 103:3 NLT).