The Miracle Mushrooms

The Miracle Mushroo
Aletha Hinthorn Two teenage girls felt God call them to travel to a remote Chinese Province where people did not know Jesus.* They went without financial support or return tickets. After arriving, their hearts were filled with compassion for the people, but when they tried to tell them about Jesus, the local women opposed them. They were forced to sleep wherever they could find shelter.

One day they heard about a cave the locals avoided because they believed it to be haunted by ghosts. The girls prayed against any unclean spirits and claimed it as their new home. The girls prayed for many hours asking the Lord to help them.

One night they were particularly discouraged and hungry. They felt unless God did a miracle, they would die. They prayed until they fell asleep. In the morning they discovered that during the night mushrooms had sprouted right outside the entrance of their cave! They boiled them and praised God for their nutritious meal.

The next morning they woke to discover more mushrooms had grown up again during the night! This continued every morning for about a year. Even in winter these miraculous mushrooms never failed to appear, poking their heads up through the snow outside the cave. They learned to enjoy them boiled, fried, and steamed. This miraculous provision of God always tasted delicious to them.

Gradually the two young women started to be accepted by the local community and were able to lead some to Christ. A small church was established for the first time in that area.
After about a year one of the young women secured a job washing dishes at a local restaurant. The very same day she began work the mushrooms stopped appearing out side the cave!

For many years, the "haunted" cave has been used as a Bible training center for new believers. Now hundreds of people have come to Christ in that area.

Thank You, Lord, for those who take the Good News to those who have never heard.

"And how can they preach unless they are sent? As it is written, 'How beautiful are the feet of those who bring good news!'" (Romans 10:15).

*Told in Asia Harvest, October 2011