The Stuck Truck

Edith Knipmeyer, a tiny lady who has since gone to heaven, wrote me the following true incident:

"When we lived on the farm, my husband, Virgil, usually fattened several heads of steer in the winter. One morning when Virgil left for work, he said, 'Now when you call the trucker, tell him that if he thinks he will get stuck not to come. There isn't enough power on the farm to pull the truck out.'

"The truck came and we loaded those big steers. I believe there were at least 38 of them. When they were loaded, the truck would not move. The wheels didn't even try to move.
"I was standing in front of the truck. The Lord told me to go to the back and push. I never said anything, but I thought that sure would be foolish.

"The men added a second tractor, but the truck still didn't move.

"I went to the back and placed my hand on the truck but never pushed." That act of obedience caused Edith to hear these words, "I will not fail thee now."

Edith began pushing with all her might, and those big old truck wheels slowly began to move!

What a true-to-life picture of God's response to our obedience. At times we may look at one of God's commands and think, "Impossible!" And God is probably saying, "Of course you can't, but I can! You push. You do your part. Act as though you can."

It's in our willingness to believe God enough to obey Him, no matter how impossible obedience appears, that we discover His power.

Jesus, thank You that a single phrase from You can transform my day, my life.

"For the Word that God speaks is alive and full of power" (Hebrews 4:12 Amp.).