Gwen Prays for a Husband

At the age of twelve Gwen knew she wanted to marry Doug. When they were in their teens, his family moved away and she lost track of him. However, she thought of him often and prayed that God would bring them together.

Gwen was dating a young man who wanted to marry her. She decided to go to a Christian camp where she could spend some quiet time with the Lord. She prayed that God would give her His answer before she left the camp. In simple faith, she fully expected Him to do just that. 

At the end of the week she was sitting with her bag, waiting for her boy friend to pick her up. She thought, "Lord, I asked You to let me know Your will before I left this place, and here I am, ready to leave, and I have no idea what Your answer is."

Just then, the speaker of the week walked up to her. "Gwen, I have noticed this week that you don't seem to be as happy as a girl your age should be. I don't think the young man you are going with is the right one for you."
What a miracle! Her answer was as clear as crystal. And just in time! She was thrilled God had heard. 

On the way home, she told her boy friend of her decision. She never saw him again.

Gwen continued to pray that God would bring Doug into her life. One Sunday evening Gwen felt tempted not to go to church. However, it seemed as if God said, "If you won't do anything for Me, how can I do anything for you!" She knew immediately that she must go.

Gwen says, "It still seems unbelievable, but I knew as I walked that mile, Doug would be there that night. He was. It has been a great blessing knowing my life partner is God's will for me." 

We recently helped celebrate their 60th wedding anniversary.

Thank You, God, that You love to guide our lives. 

"It is my pleasure to tell you about the miraculous signs and wonders that the Most High God has performed for me" (Daniel 4:2).