A Way to Deepen Our Prayer Life

Aletha Hinthorn"Remember how Pastor Carroll has encouraged us to keep a prayer list?" Patty asked. "I made out my list and 150 people were on it--my family, friends, and employees. I've decided to divide them into groups and pray for some of them each day.'"

Remembering past prayer experiences, I told her. "Although you'll never know about all the answers, God will probably let you know how He is answering some of your prayers."  

And He did. After church the next Sunday, Patty tearfully shared, "I just learned that one of my nieces for whom I had begun praying was pregnant and planning to get an abortion. This week she decided to continue the pregnancy."

When we pray regularly for the same people, we begin to focus the mighty weapon of prayer on specific individuals. Daily bringing their names before the Lord has powerful results.   

Dick Eastman tells of a Sunday School teacher who helped bring many students to Christ. After her death, her dairy was found to contain such resolutions as, "Resolved to pray for each scholar by name. Resolved to wrestle in prayer for each scholar by name. Resolved to wrestle for each by name and expect an answer."

Our feeling of responsibility and love will deepen as we pray. God doesn't entrust those who scarcely pray with a prayer burden, but if we regularly come to Him with specific requests, He'll see us as ones He can bless with a deepening concern for those we love.


Thank You, Lord, that we still have time to touch others with our love and prayer.

"As for me, far be it from me that I should sin against the Lord by failing to pray for you. And I will teach you the way that is good and right" (I Sam. 12:23).