Called When He Was Five

Aletha HinthornAt the age of two,  Wesley Duewel made a commitment to follow Christ. When he was five years old, he went running to his mother one day saying, "Mama, Jesus just told me that when I grow big I should go to India to tell people about Him. Mama, I want you to go with me."  

She did-by faithful prayer every day until she went to heaven. Because his mother prayed that he should one day go to India as a missionary, he had a clear call to go to India. Dr Duewel is thankful to God for that heritage.

Dr. and Mrs. Wesley Duewel went through many struggles as missionaries in India. But they were always protected by the prayers of Dr Duewel's mother who constantly approached the Throne of God for her missionary son.

Once, Dr. Duewel had to go to Calcutta on some business. During that time India was going through the final phase of her struggle for independence. One day, as he was walking along Chowringee Road in central Calcutta, some young men seemed to be menacingly rushing towards him with clubs in their hands to attack him, but something prevented them. Dr. Duewel says he felt God's presence surrounding him.  

After a few days, he received a letter from his mother asking him if he had needed prayer on that particular day when he was in Calcutta. His mother wrote, "God put a heavy burden of prayer for you in my heart during those days." And he wrote back to his mother and said, "Yes, those were the days I needed prayer!"

Lord, we thank you for mothers whose prayers change the world.

"The earnest prayer of a righteous person has great power and produces wonderful results" (James 5:16 NLT).