Dorothy's Chickens

Aletha HinthornTears welled up in Dorothy Downey's eyes when the lady ahead of her set a cut-up chicken on the counter in the grocery store. She explained why in an article she sent to Women Alive! magazine years ago. Thirty one years earlier, she and her husband began pastoring. They had a small daughter, a worn-out car, second-hand furniture, and enthusiasm unlimited! They were joyfully cutting all the corners so they could keep afloat and stay in ministry.

One day her husband came home saying he could buy chickens for twenty-five cents each. The catch was that the man would only kill them, and they were to do the rest of the cleaning. He husband suggested they buy twenty of these for $20 for their donated freezer! Dorothy did not have the slightest idea how to clean a chicken, and she wasn't too sure her stomach would co-operate in this endeavor. She consented, though, and soon he arrived home with twenty feathered chickens with feet, and the "works."

Their strategy was that her husband would pluck them, clean them, and she was to cut and package them. He happily entered into his work with great zeal. Dorothy swallowed harder and harder as time went on. She didn't know how to cut up a chicken, so the pieces were not recognizable! Too, she was holding up the assembly line because she was too slow. Finally they finished their task!

In the middle of their work, though, Dorothy was keenly aware of the warmth of the Holy Spirit in her heart, and He said, "I see what you are doing for My sake, and I'll make it up to you someday." She had not thought of that again until at this check-out counter. The Lord whispered, "I still remember all those chickens you cleaned that year, and why you did it. I love you for it--and didn't I tell you I'd make up for it someday?"

Dorothy's grocery cart was full of groceries including "ready to cook" chicken!

Thank You, Lord, that You never forget anything we do for you.

"I will bless her with abundant provisions" (Psalm 132:15).