I Lost My Music

Professor Thompson announced, "All of the semester's assignments that have not been turned in must be in my box by ten o'clock tomorrow morning." That deadline gave just twenty-four hours to find the music I had lost the fourth week of the semester.

I was a college music major, and in this class we were to compose three counterpoint compositions. My first attempt required many revisions and had gone back and forth between the teacher and me. By the fourth week, it was completed.

But before I returned the music to the professor, the manuscript disappeared. I began a frantic search. How could I admit to Professor Thompson I had lost the music? He had spent time on it, too, and to ask him to help me rewrite it was unthinkable.

One evening as my mother prepared dinner, she called to me from the kitchen, "Have you found your music yet?"

"No, but I believe the Lord will help me find it," I replied, and at that moment the Lord gave me a quiet assurance that He would do just that. I stopped worrying and felt as though the music had been found. As the busy weeks slipped by, I would occasionally wander through the music hall trying to spot the composition. When would God lead me to it?

Then came Professor Thompson's announcement. I silently prayed, "God, that's our deadline." God had heard my prayer months ago, so I knew the outcome would leave me with no regrets.

At nine o'clock the next morning, I walked into the locker room and something in the trash can caught my eye. It was the music I had not seen for months! Evidently someone had tossed it while cleaning out their locker.

Thank You, Jesus, for helping me to believe either the lost music would not affect my grade or You would  help me find it.

"He who believes...will not be ashamed or give way or make haste [in sudden panic]" (Isaiah 28:16 Amp.).