Our Worthless Works

Recently I was reading the account of Haggai's calling the people to finish rebuilding the temple. One verse excited me because it gave the reason Haggai was successful in his venture: God had sent him (1:12). He was doing what God chose for Him to do.

It is easy to try to accomplish things on our own without being Spirit-led. If we're self-driven and try ventures, say words, or control situations without the knowledge that we've been "sent" by God, what is accomplished? "The Spirit gives life; the flesh counts for nothing" (John 6:63).

When we speak to family members out of frustration instead of love, when we nag and prod and push to have our way, when we try to manipulate situations to accomplish God's will-in short, when we act on our own-we need an alarm in our minds saying, "The flesh counts for nothing. The flesh counts for nothing."

Thank You, Jesus, for reminding me that my real work is to trust You.