What God Did to Win One

Dr. John Church said a man asked him if he would come to his church to speak. Dr. Church prayed about it, and the Lord told him that He definitely wanted him to go to the church. The date for his visit was set.
When the time arrived for the service, Dr. Church discovered that the church was open and heated, but no one was there. 

Dr. Church feared he had made a mistake about the date and time so checked his book and confirmed that he was at the right place on the right day. He knew the Lord had directed him to be at the church, so he went to the pulpit and poured out his heart to empty pews.

He finished the sermon and then prayed that the message be used for whatever purpose the Lord had intended. He left and continued his ministry elsewhere.

Several years later, he was in Union Station in Chicago when a young man came running toward him and said, "Do you remember the time you preached to an empty church?"

Dr. Church said, "Oh, yes, I remember." The young man told him that he was the janitor of the church and was told that he should warm up the church for the service, but that the congregation wanted nothing to do with this holiness preacher so would not attend. He then told Dr. Church that he had heard his message through the grates of the furnace and the Lord had convicted him of his sins. He gave his heart to the Lord and was called to preach the gospel. He had just finished a revival in a Chicago church and over 400 had accepted the Lord.

It's amazing what God will do to win even one person.

Dear Jesus, help me to always obey even if I see no reason to do so.

"Give me understanding, and I will keep your law and obey it with all my heart" (Psalm 119:34).