Emma's Solution to Her Son's Rebellion

Emma's teenage son had trouble at school and manifested a very bad attitude. She said, "We didn't dare side with our son against school authorities, nor did we dare ignore a situation that could have been the beginning of a downward trail. To scold or threaten or punish was not enough. We were not sufficient for the problem, but God was! What a wonderful weapon He had placed in our hands--prayer!"

The Spirit prompted Emma to pray until she knew God would meet her need. She felt such a heavy concern that she determined to spend a night in prayer pleading with God to change their son's attitude. She walked the floor and prayed. She knelt and prayed. When she felt weary, she lay on the bed for a while, always praying.

Emma's interceding paid off. She commented, "We do have a God who answers prayer! I'll never know how He did it, but from that night on, our son's attitude was different, and we had no more school problems."

The secret to Emma's determination to pray was her willingness to carry her son's need as a heavy burden-a burden that she did not release until the Holy Spirit witnessed to her that her prayer had been heard.

Dear Lord, help me to love others enough to pray until I am fully trusting You.