You're Welcome!

A friend and I were washing dishes in the kitchen when her husband arrived home from work. I expected her to at least call out, "Hi, hon. Glad you're home." But after a brief silence, I realized his coming was not significant. If no one welcomes us into their presence, we feel as if we're not worth welcoming. 
In fact, we feel like non-people when not welcomed. J. T. Malloy wrote of the executive board meeting in progress into which walked a cleaning lady, and no one acknowledged her. She was not considered of enough value to address.
Jesus said, "I will receive you into myself" (John 14:3). Those we love need to know they have a place in us. The welcome we extend indicates what we think of the other person. If we throw open our arms, our homes, and our hearts, we say, "You're important to me, and therefore, you are important."
"He who welcomes a little child welcomes me." Every day we can welcome our children into our activities, our plans, our lives-or we can close them out-ignoring their chatter and needs. 
To make home a prepared place is Christlike. As much as possible we want our homes to represent the safety of home base. Johnny hits the ball, passes first, second, and third and then slides into home base. "He's safe; he's made it!" his fans cheer. Home base describes the atmosphere we're to create in our homes.
Dear Jesus, when I welcome a child into my life help me to think of it as welcoming You.