God Promises to Be Near

Often a mother comforts her little child by simply saying, "I will be with you." God stills our fears, too, by the same simple announcement, "Certainly, I will be with you." The Holy Spirit is not a capricious dweller in the temple of our hearts, present today and absent tomorrow. He abides.

And just as a good mother will do whatever is necessary to help her child, we can be sure that all of God's wisdom and power are at our disposal and He's willing to use them in our behalf.

We speak of being "nearer" or "further" from God. However, these are only figures of speech that speak more of our spiritual state than of God's location. The author of  The Open Secret, writing to those who know the indwelling of the Holy Spirit, says, "He is always near us, but we are not always near him. In fact he is never far enough off even to be spoken of as near. He 'created us in our inmost being,' and if we only knew the facts of the case, it would be as impossible for us to think of ourselves apart from him, as to think of ourselves apart from ourselves."

It is up to us to draw near to God with our spirits.

Thank you, Jesus, that You always respond to my efforts to draw near You.
 "Draw close to God, and God will draw close to you" (James 4:8).