Keren Learned to Hear God's Voice

Shortly after Keren went to Honduras as a missionary, God began to teach her to recognize His voice. To be an instrument of His love, she must listen to Him.

God asked her to disregard strong cultural codes of behavior and speak directly to an elderly Christian couple about their unforgiving spirit. Keren had no option. Only by obediently responding could she ensure that He would continue to speak to her.

Don Domingo and Dona Laura's daughter had unjustly and unkindly hurt them deeply by moving to the city and living a sinful lifestyle. The parents were in sorrow. But worse than that, they were becoming bitter, believing they were hurt far too deeply to forgive. Dona Laura soon became gravely ill.

In Latin America one never directly admonished another individual about personal failings. To do so was unacceptable, unethical, and extremely offensive. The accepted way, even among close family members, was to go discreetly through a third party. But by now Keren knew God's voice.

Keren went. She told them they were old, they might soon die, and although they testified to being Christians, they could not expect to enter Heaven with an unforgiving spirit.
Miraculously, they received her words and they wept and prayed together. The next week the long bitter months ended when the mother made the dusty bus trip to the city and made reconciliation with her daughter. She soon rapidly regained her health.

Some months later, Don Domingo was on his deathbed. He gathered his family and said, [Tell Keren that if she had not had the courage to talk to me, I would not be at peace with God." Over and over Keren thanked God that He had taught her to hear His voice and obey His command.

 Thank You, Lord, that when we obey Your voice not only do we benefit but also we're Your messengers to others.

"My sheep listen to my voice; I know them, and they follow me" (John 10:27).