Will Five Minutes of Prayer Make a Difference?

A medical journal reported a scientific experiment done by three cardiologists in San Francisco. These physicians divided patients who were admitted to the ICU into two groups.

One group was prayed for and one group wasn't prayed for. Each of those in the first group was asked to grant permission for their first name to be given to three prayers in each of two cities who would agree to pray five minutes daily for one week. The pray-ers never went to the hospital to pray for them.

Two hundred people were entered into the study. When the physicians later compared how the two groups did, they discovered amazing differences. Those who were prayed for five minutes daily did significantly better than those who were not prayed for. They had fewer complications, needed less antibiotics, and had fewer deaths.

Thank You, Jesus, that daily bringing someone's name before You has powerful results.

"To the faithful you show yourself faithful" (Psalm 18:25)