Prayers That Defeat Satan

At our Citywide prayer, Amy told that because she had been a frail child, her Buddhist parents dedicated her to, not just one, but to two gods. When she was in her twenties, she became a Christian. One night as she lay in bed, she felt she was being choked. The next morning she had black eyes and bruise marks on her arms as though she had been pinched repeatedly.

She told a Christian friend about it and her friend replied, "The next time this happens, plead the blood of Jesus and praise the Lord."

A month later, Amy felt as if a great evil power had swept over her. She said, "I remembered my friend's advice, and called out 'The blood of Jesus!' Immediately the evil power disappeared!"

Mentioning the blood of Jesus seems to stop Satan in his tracks. Nothing is more precious to us than the blood of Christ but nothing is more terrifying to Satan. However, we often neglect to use Christ's blood as our powerful weapon in spiritual warfare.

For the Israelites in Egypt, the blood over their doors was their total protection against the death angel. The blood Jesus shed on the cross is still our protection from the enemy.

In Mighty Prevailing Prayer, Wesley Duewel wrote, "Plead the blood of Jesus. It is agony to Satan. He will want to flee from the sound of your prayer...Satan cannot fight the blood of Jesus and must flee from its reminder. It is your battle cry; it is your spiritual weapon. Use it to defeat Satan. Plead and praise the blood of Jesus, and drive Satan from the battlefield."

The death of Jesus defeated Satan and now the very mention of the blood of Jesus is torment to his ears and is our powerful weapon in prayer.

Thank You, Jesus, for shedding Your blood that gives me access into the Most Holy Place and that reminds Satan that He is defeated.

"We have confidence to enter the Most Holy Place by the blood of Jesus" (Heb. 10:19).
"He disarmed the spiritual rulers and authorities. He shamed them publicly by his victory over them on the cross" (Col. 2:15).