My No-Win Situation

When our church was having a series of special evening meetings, I was trying to decide if I should do my work or go to church. Deadlines were looming and I knew I'd feel guilty if I left my work, but then with a sinking feeling, I realized I'd also feel guilty if I skipped church. It was a no-win situation.

Sometimes I write to God and then trust Him to speak to me as I continue writing what comes to mind. The psalmist seemed to do that, often writing his thoughts and then writing as though God were responding. Rarely do I receive specific answers when I do this. The words that I find myself writing are usually affirmations of His love and assurances that He will provide what I need. Frequently I'm surprised by what I've written and greatly strengthened. Rereading these entries in my notebook even months later encourages me.

This Tuesday evening, though, the answer was rather specific. I wrote, "Should I go to revival or write?"

The next thing I wrote--and I knew the thought had not originated with me--was, "You know I'm with you whatever you do."

I considered that. The message seemed to be, "Your relationship to me is not based on fulfilling set obligations. Your desire to please Me is what I'm seeking."

How freeing this was! God did not want my relationship with Him to cause me "more pain than pleasure." He loves me and all He asks is my love in return. He was simply saying, "Tonight you choose how you want to show your love to Me."

Dear Jesus, thank You for receiving what I offer when my desire is to please You.

"Direct me in the path of your commands, for there I find delight" (Psalm 119:35).