Making His Word Yours

My friend Nancy said during a fast God told her to memorize scripture. Since then memorizing has not been a burden. In fact, it is so satisfying to her, she feels she is eating delicious food and loves using the memorized words in prayer. She doesn't try to learn whole chapters, but she selects several verses that are meaningful to her. I asked her how she memorizes, and she said she reads it over and over many times until she feels she can attempt to say it.

Our ability to memorize corresponds to our desire. We easily remember our addresses and phone numbers and most housewives can recall bargain prices at the supermarket because we use these things. We make the effort to remember what is important to us.

Spare moments are like spare change. We can choose to spend those moments on things that count for eternity. In most lives there is wasted time, such as time spent waiting in lines or for appointments. Much of this can be used in memorization if we have verses with us. To meditate when we read the Bible is wonderful, but to meditate day and night means we let His words revolve in our minds when we're driving the car or folding towels.

In deciding what to memorize, follow the hunger of your heart and the suggestion of the Spirit. If a passage has encouraged you, slowly repeat it to yourself, allowing it to interact with your thoughts. It is important to keep that portion of scripture before you throughout that day or the following days. Write out the verses on small cards and strategically place them throughout your living space. Have the cards available where you get dressed and take them with you throughout the day.

Your Words, dear Lord, are our best thoughts.

"I have hidden your word in my heart, that I might not sin against you" (119:11).