Seven Kittens

Genovieva Beattie and her husband Stephen loved animals, and kept  outside cats. When they went away, their neighbors fed them.

But one autumn they were preparing to leave on a long speaking trip and found themselves with baby kittens. They needed to find a home for the little ones and their mother. They asked around, but no one wanted their kittens. So she and Stephen knelt in their living room and prayed, "Lord, help us to find a place for them where they can bless children."

The next day, wanting to buy some vegetables, Genovieva prayed that the Lord would guide her to the right farm. She called a few places, but the answer was always the same: "The early frost killed all our vegetables." But at the last farm the man gave her a phone number of someone who might have some.

She called and a lady said, "Yes, we have everything you want. You can come and get it."

While the lady went into the barn to weigh her purchases, she asked the little four-year old, "Do you like to play with cats?"

Her face became sober.  "Our cats all died," she answered.

A little boy nodded, "Yeah... they are all dead."

When their mother returned with the vegetables, Genovieva asked, "How is it that your cats all died?"

"They got some allergy and we lost them," she answered. "Now I will have to go and get some more to keep the mice away."

"Well," Genovieva said, "we have too many.  Would you like us to bring you some?"

"Oh, yes!  We would be very grateful."

"How many can you take?" Genovieva asked.  "We have seven kittens."

"You can bring them all here. We have a big farm."

Thank You, Jesus, that we can ask You about anything because You care for all that concerns us and all that concerns Your creation. What a caring God You are!

"The righteous care for the needs of their animals" (Prov. 12:10).

*Thank you for giving permission for me to share your story, Genovieva Beatty.