How to Accept Criticism

An evangelist came to Dr. Alexander Whyte's hometown and in his preaching criticized the other ministers there. The next day, a man who had heard the evangelist visited Dr. Whyte.

"I went to hear the evangelist last night, and he said that Dr. Hood Wilson is not a converted man."

Dr. Whyte, his face dark with indignation, jumped angrily from his chair. "The rascal! The rascal!" he said.
The visitor was amazed to see this godly man so furious, so he went on, "That wasn't all he said. He said you are not a converted man either!"

Dr. Whyte stopped dead still. All the fire went out of him. Sinking into his chair, he sat for a full minute with his face in his hands.

Then looking up in sincere earnestness, he said, "Leave me, friend. I must examine my heart."

To be meek means to honestly examine others' ideas while listening for whatever the Holy Spirit may be saying. If we close the door to others' ideas, we may close admittance to a truth God could give us no other way.

Dear Lord, help me to have a meek and teachable spirit.

"The meek will he teach his way" (Psalm 25:9 KJV).