Where Is My Check?

Our daughter Arla was asked to cater a meal for a birthday dinner for twenty-five people. She prepared the food, loaded her two boys and the meal into the car, and drove to the scene of the party. After she carried the food into the home, the man handed her a check.

As Arla was driving away, she thought, What did I do with that check! She frantically searched in the front seat and could not find it. She turned around dreading the horrible thought of having to tell this man that she had already lost the check he had written.

Eight-year-old Peter began to pray that his mom would find it.

Arla pulled up to the house again, and to her unspeakable  delight discovered that the check that she evidently had placed on top of the car while loading the boys, had slid down and gotten caught in the edge of the trunk.

She got into the car, and three-year-old Jack exclaimed, "Thank the Lord, Mommy! Thank the Lord!"

The Psalmist wrote, "You have taught children and nursing infants to give you praise" (Psalm 8:2 NLT). Perhaps Jesus put that thought in Jack's mind because He so enjoys our remembering that He is the One behind the good things He gives us.

Dear Jesus, thank You for every reminder to give You praise.

"Let them continually say, 'Great is the LORD, who enjoys helping his servant'" (Psalm 35:27 NLT).