Kerrie's Alarming Dream

Kerrie awakened from a dream with a pounding heart. In her dream, a beautiful young woman asked her daughter Tricia to walk across a narrow bridge and talk with her. The bridge spanned a park that was lined with concrete sidewalks far below the bridge.

As Tricia crossed the bridge, it began to crumble. She grabbed a rail as pieces of the bridge crashed to the sidewalk below. The young woman laughed, showing an incredibly ugly face. She had deceived Tricia.

Kerrie ran on to the falling bridge toward Tricia and grabbed her hand. Behind her, a chain of people held onto each other as they pulled Tricia and her to safety. Kerry could not mistake who they were; they were the prayer warriors in their lives. Then she woke up.

Kerrie wrote, "Some of the most powerful historic moments have been made in the late night when the Holy Spirit has grabbed a believer's attention, taken her out of bed, and put her on her knees before the Lord.

"God is calling each of us to lift up our hands in prayer even if we don't have a child. Some of the prayer warriors in my children's lives have been friends who do not have children but who are called to pray for the next generation."

As part of the family of God, He calls each of us to pray for our family!

Dear Lord, help us to faithfully protect the next generation through our intercessions.

"Rise during the night and cry out. Pour out your hearts like water to the Lord. Lift up your hands to him in prayer. Plead for your children as they faint with hunger in the streets" (Lamentations 2:19 NLT).