God's Greatest Glory

God's Greatest Glory

Moses pleaded with God, "Show me your glory," (Exodus 33:18).

Did God begin by showing Him His justice, holiness, power, His wrath? After all, the Israelites had just broken His covenant by worshiping the golden calf.
No. He said, "I will cause all my goodness to pass in front of you." The goodness of God is God's glory! God's greatest glory is that He is good.

But His goodness is not all Moses saw. "I will have mercy on whom I will have mercy." That is His sovereignty.

When we put goodness and sovereignty together, we have God's glory. I like these lines I heard years ago:

"Good when he gives, supremely good;
 No less when he denies.
Afflictions from His sovereign hand
Are blessings in disguise."

I just received an email from a friend who is suffering with back pain. Ihad asked how she is doing and she responded, "I worked a couple of half days, and I have been switching chairs and working standing up some. God is good, I can't complain."

Caroline V. Sandell-Berg had a wonderful understanding of God's glory--His goodness and sovereignty--when she wrote "Day by Day." You can enjoy it at http://www.hymnal.net/hymn.php/h/713

"Because your love is better than life, my lips will glorify you" (Psalm 63:3).