She Needed a Hug

An aged woman had trudged past Marilyn's house for years. One Sunday she knocked on Marilyn's door. Tears ran down her weathered cheeks as she asked to come in.

For years Marilyn had waved and smiled and called with no response. What could bring her to her home on this day?

Marilyn seated her in a comfortable chair, sat down nearly knee to knee with her, and the woman began to talk. She told her story of living as a widow with her daughter who pushed her aside. That day her sons had visited and after drinking began arguing. The old woman had escaped, but there was no place to go, and it was so cold. Maybe she had remembered Marilyn's waves and believed she would be welcomed there.

Suddenly, Marilyn heard God say to her spirit, "I want you to warmly embrace this woman before she leaves."

Marilyn studied the woman. Her white hair was matted, hanging about her face. Dirt was encrusted in her red, chapped skin. Dirty tennis shoes covered swollen feet. She wore no socks. She cried, "Lord, I can't do it!" Then something wonderful happened. She appeared before Marilyn as a young woman. Her eyes were a brilliant blue; her hair was shiny and blonde. She saw her young and full of vigor.

Still she argued, "But Lord, I don't even know her. Perhaps she will be offended by such a personal gesture!"

The Voice repeated His request. Finally, Marilyn said, "Yes, Lord, if You will help me, I will."

Almost immediately, the woman stood up and announced she must be going. Marilyn followed her to the door, but could find no words.  The woman's hand was on the door knob when she turned and said, "Would you hug me?"
Suddenly divine love filled Marilyn's heart! She gathered her into her arms and held her close. Marilyn said, "I loved her." The woman accepted the embrace and then was gone.

Dear Jesus, help us to be aware of those You want to embrace through us.

"My eyes flow with tears, because a comforter, one who could refresh and restore my soul, is far from me" (Lamentations 1:16 Amp.).