You Have Access to New Strength

Pastor Sai Lequeti is part of a worldwide partnership between the Jesus Film Project and the Church of the Nazarene. Before his team began their work of showing "Jesus" in an area of much spiritual darkness, Pastor Sai spent 40 days fasting and praying.

In one village, Pastor Sai was asked to pray for an old man, a stroke victim, whose left side had been paralyzed and board-stiff for nearly four years. Sai got on his knees. Taking the man's hand, he prayed and then commanded, "In the name of Jesus, stand up!"

Troubled and afraid, the man stammered, " can't."

"Yes, you can!"

"No...I cannot move." Then to the amazement of all, the man rose to his feet.

Again, Sai commanded him, "Now, in the name of Jesus...walk!"

"No...I can't do it."

"Yes, you can!"

"But I cannot move!"

Sai encouraged him over and over, "God has healed you. Now walk!" First he took one baby step, then another. Soon, he was freely walking around the room glorifying God.

When we have Christ living within, we may be tempted to think like the stroke victim. "But I have never been able to exercise control in this area before."

He replies, "Trust Me. Go in My strength. You have access to new strength now." And, amazed, we live as we have never been able to live before.

Thank You, Jesus, for denying Yourself everything so that I lack nothing.

"The Lord gives strength to his people" (Psalm 29:11).