God Was Not Impressed

When John Robb worked with World Vision, he helped lead teams into war zones of unreached people groups. He brought leaders together in various nations initiating reconciliation and prayer. He began to notice that it was the power of prayer that was able to unite the formerly hostile leaders.

He went on a two-day personal retreat to dig deeper into prayer. During this time, the Lord spoke to him. "Don't think you impress me with all your activity; What I value is intimacy with you. If you get out of My way, you will see My wonders."

These words impacted him deeply. He said, "I thought I was doing Him a big favor by traveling all over the world, but what He really wanted me to do was to watch Him work and just go along for the ride like a little boy in the back seat of the car watching his Father."

John shifted the focus of his ministry from activity to encounter. He led teams into countries where there were wars and ethic crises. Instead of just talking about solutions, they sought God's Presence in prayer.

The fear of the Lord began to come and break through walls of hatred. Hearts would be humbled and forgiveness extended. John says they saw at least eight wars halted as a result.

In 1995, in Cambodia a local leader had a powerful encounter with the Lord. The next morning, he stood up and all he could get out was "...some of you have blood on your hands." There was silence, and then people began to cry out as God's Presence fell. Many began to openly confess to having been a part of the killings, but they had never told anyone.

Prayer that flows from a heart that enjoys intimacy with the Father allows us to see what God Himself can do.

"If you remain in me and my words remain in you, ask whatever you wish, and it will be given you" (John 15:7).

Adapted from The Connecter, Sept. 2016, "Get Out of My Way" by Wanda Alger. John Robb is International Prayer Council Chairman.