An Angel Story (& Live Streaming Info)

A former missionary to Papua New Guinea wrote that their Bible College was built on land between two clans that traditionally was their fighting grounds. When feelings were high one time, the tribes planned a fight right on their campus. The campus had two part-time security guys, and minimal fencing, so they had no way to prevent the fight. Instead, everyone just stayed indoors on that assigned night and prayed.

Nothing seemed to happen, and life went on. Some time later the principal was in the local village talking to the headman. After other business was concluded, the missionary brought up that night, wondering if the fight has really been planned, and if so, what stopped it.
The headman said they started toward the land to meet the other clan, weapons in their hands, but were turned back by the large number of security guards.

The principal said, "We had no guards out."

The headman replied, "Sure you did--all those big strong guys in white uniforms standing all around the perimeter of the property. There were too many of them, so we cancelled the fight and went home."

"For he will command his angels concerning you to guard you in all your ways" (Psalm 91:11).
"Your promises have been thoroughly tested, and your servant loves them" (Psalm 119:140).

Live Streaming Information

Lynn sent the following question: "I would love to come to the conference but it is too far. Would you please tell me how live streaming works? Is that something I can watch at my home or do certain churches sign up for it? I am very excited and have heard so much!"

The following information should be helpful if you, too, have questions.

To see if your computer will have good reception, go to
and watch an archived service. If there is no buffering, your internet has the proper speed for you to hear the conference.

There is no charge to live stream for churches or individuals.

If your church is interested in hosting the live streaming,  the internet connection should be tested the same way. A few churches have found they would not have good reception.

If your church is hosting the event, email the name of your church and your city to and Carolyn Wade will provide helpful information. Also, please let her know if you would like your location posted on the website as a live streaming site so others in your area can plan to join you.

There will be a link on the website on the first day of the conference that will take you to Come to the Fire.

If you cannot join us during the actual time of the conference, the services will be on our website following the event.

A schedule is posted on our website.