A Tooth on Fire

Some Vietnamese Christians walked for several days intent on taking the Gospel to the Churu, a group so remote no missionaries had reached them, the Asia Harvest reported.

Within minutes of arriving a large crowd gathered around them to hear what they had to say. The witch doctors among the Churu possess a lot of demonic power and all the people live in fear of them. If a witch doctor places a curse on someone who is not a Christian, that person is sure to die. Whenever someone is sick they must consult the witch doctor who demands the sacrifice of valuable livestock as payment. So the people are kept in poverty. They are so poor they cannot afford clothes even though it is very cold.

A witch doctor emerged from his hut and began to listen to the story of how Jesus could set them free from sin and that they did not need to remain under the control of demonic spirits. The witch doctor became angry. Soon a major spiritual confrontation was looming.

The visitors told the people that God once proved He is the true God by causing fire to fall from heaven on Elijah's sacrifice while the Baal "witch doctors" stood by powerless.

The main symbol of the witch doctor's authority was a huge wild pig's tooth that he wore on a chain around his neck. He stepped forward and angrily shouted, "If your God can make this tooth catch on fire then we will believe in Him, but if it does not catch on fire we will kill all of you."

The visitors prayed very fervently and called out to the Lord. Hundreds of Churu gathered around watching intently.

After praying for some time, suddenly the pig's tooth burst into flames by itself! The whole village saw it. They were amazed. Many believed the message and dedicated their lives to Jesus Christ. Today there is a church of over 300 Churu Christians.

Thank You, Jesus, that we have heard the message and do not have to live under demonic power.

"Then you will know the truth, and the truth will set you free" (John 8:32).