My Cousin's Double Miracle

My cousin called asking for prayer for his daughter Tracy, and when I learned her symptoms, I understood his concern. Several years ago, he and his wife Joan had stayed in our home waiting for her to receive a liver transplant. Here is Tracy's story:

"On June 19, nausea, no appetite, fatigue, and one look in the mirror brought instant fear to my spirit. Yellow eyes.

"Three years ago, my mother died of liver disease. I had witnessed those same yellow eyes for years. I knew mom's disease could be passed on genetically. Memories flooded me: her acute sickness, fatigue, hospital stays, and her ultimate death despite at last being placed in the number one position to receive the next available matching liver. Although too paralyzed to pray, I knew God could hear my silent pleas.

"My liver enzyme levels and bilirubin were very high, and the tests began. An ultrasound and MRI brought no conclusive diagnosis. I was admitted to IU Hospital with close monitoring for risk of liver failure.

"Everyone we knew was praying: friends, family, and anyone who heard through prayer chains. As friends came over to anoint me with oil and pray over me from head to toe, I remember lifting my hands and declaring, "Take my life, Lord. Give me the strength to walk this out, whatever it may be. I'm Yours and my life is in Your hands. It's all for Your glory." I remember feeling a sense of calm in His presence. Anxiety and fear can't rule your mind and create havoc in your body and soul when you have released your life into His loving care.

"More blood tests and another ultra sound showed no disease in my body. The doctors had no clear idea of why there had been an acute attack upon my liver. Praise the Lord, my numbers began slowly going down. I believe God touched me! The fatigue may last for a while, but the doctors have assured me there should be no permanent liver damage.

"We had been scheduled to leave on our 'trip of a lifetime' July 5th. On strict doctor's orders, our overseas portion of our trip had to be canceled. Beginning in Paris, we were to journey down to the south of France and stay at various cities throughout the country.

"CNN reported that on July 14, Mohamed Bouhlel drove a 20­ton truck for more than a mile along Nice's Promenade des Anglais during Bastille Day celebrations killing 84 people and injuring more than 200 as the truck careened down the busy street."

"Our Trafalgar tour was to have been in Nice, France that day!

"Many times when we go through circumstances that mess up 'our' plans, we never get the benefit of understanding why. But God, in all His grace and mercy, protected and ordered our steps. He kept us from harm and allowed us to understand His plan. He can be trusted! While God allows us to go through hard times and trials, pain, suffering and sorrow, He is with us through it all: carrying us, comforting us, rearranging our circumstances, and orchestrating the details. He loves us! His compassion and grace are unfathomable, and He is moved by the cry of our hearts."

Thank You, Jesus, for all the times You protect us from danger, and we are unaware of Your care.

"I know, LORD, that our lives are not our own. We are not able to plan our own course" (Jer. 10:23 NLT).