Invite Jesus to Your Kitchen Table


One day Beth Coppedge had her four little granddaughters at her house. The twins were seven, Abby was six, and Sadie was five. Beth told about their meal in a Titus Bible study.

"I often do not know how many are going to come for supper, so I usually just set a full table and then we add or subtract as people come or go. This evening we had six places set at supper. My husband Al was away preaching, so it was just me and the four little girls. As we sat there, one of the girls said, "Grammy-pooh, there's an extra chair at the table!" 

I said, "Honey, that's for Jesus. We'll just let that be for Jesus tonight." 

"So they all picked up on that and said, "'Oh, that's Jesus' chair.' Do you know how long that meal went with four little girls seven and under as we sat there with Jesus' chair? It went for an hour and fifteen minutes. We talked, we shared, they laughed, we had devotions together, they prayed, we talked some more, they told me more stories. The Shekinah Glory of God was at my kitchen table. When we finished I looked over at the empty chair and said, 'God, You showed up!'

"The next day, we had lunch and all of the grandkids were there, so now we had six children age seven and under. There was a lot of chaos in the kitchen. All of a sudden I saw Susannah dragging the desk chair from two rooms over because all the chairs around the kitchen table were full. I said, 'Susannah honey, what are you doing?'

'She said, 'Grammy-pooh, we forgot Jesus' chair!'

"I believe Jesus wants to come to your kitchen table, to your desk at the office, to wherever you are, as you become a home for God full of the Holy Spirit. He wants to invade your space and my space, your time and my time with His presence." 

Dear Jesus, may the Shekinah glory of God come because in our hearts there is a chair left for the presence of Jesus!  

"The Lord Your God is in your midst" (Zephaniah 3:17).