Is Your Conscience Clear?

When my husband was a boy, occasionally his mother would ask him, "Do you have a clear conscience?" If he didn't, she would learn what was bothering him, and they would pray until his conscience was again clear. 

It's also a good question for adults to ask themselves. A lady who wrote to me gave permission to share how she gained a clear conscience.

"I'm quite an actor and play nearly any role--the good mother, a loving wife, the most fun aunt, cool adult. And that is who I really want to be, but one morning the Lord told me to stop acting and start being. 'Love must be sincere' came to my mind so I looked it up. [It is an] awesome section--Romans 12:9-21! I'm memorizing it.

"During a fun day at Lake Michigan I confessed to two godly sisters in Christ. One said, 'Now we need to pray because it says  to confess your sins one to another and pray for each other that you may be healed.'"I told them I wanted to be healed of some arthritis in my hands.

During the next few weeks God very gently showed me the possible wages of that sin. I was stricken with grief and repentance at the possible outcome of what the enemy had tried to minimize to me. It was a sin I was aware of for many years. 

"About that time I noticed my hands weren't aching even after painting all day. Usually gripping a paint bush can be somewhat painful after a while. I called my friends and we rejoiced."

Dear God, I don't want to stand before You and realize I have offended You and never asked forgiveness."

I strive always to keep my conscience clear before God and man" (Acts 24:16).