A King in a Stable?

Long before baby Jesus was born, God prophesied that a King would be born in Bethlehem. Caesar Augustus had no idea he was setting God's plans in motion when he issued a decree that all the world should be taxed.

Mary and Joseph arrived in Bethlehem confident their Heavenly Father was taking care of every detail--but there was no room for them or baby Jesus in the inn! Mary may have been tempted to doubt the Divine planning. Surely there would have been arrangements made for Jesus to be born in a respectable place.

Sometimes we think God must have forgotten to plan some details of our lives. Things don't seem to fall together. But God always provides, although not always in the way we anticipate. Sometimes He says, "I have higher purposes than simply allowing all to fall together easily. Trust Me to be your Guide no matter how things seem."

Thank You, Jesus, for being my perfect Guide. I will trust You even though I do not understand.

"The LORD will guide you continually" (Isaiah 58:11).