What if You're in a Ministry Meltdown?

"I'm in a ministry meltdown," a lady said. People she thought would be supportive failed to be there for her. She was ready to quit. The following paragraphs are a part of the response she received.

"I remember the night when out under the stars you told the Lord you wanted His will in your life. Now you have an opportunity to truly show God the sincerity of that commitment.

"What if God would say, 'I can get more glory from your life if ...  (you can fill in the dreams you have) are never realized'? Could you say with a willing heart, 'That's all right, God. I want to please You more than I want anything else'?

"It is often difficult to separate when we are seeking God's glory from when we are seeking personal success. When we know--and with God's help we can get to the place we know--that what we most want is God's pleasure, He takes our burden and leaves us with His peace.

"If God wants your ministry to continue, He has ways far beyond what you can imagine.  His help may not be in the way you expect; but in looking back you will see that His ways were perfect."

I enjoy studying in scripture about living in Canaan--that land of rest and abundance--where the Israelites were promised they would lack nothing. The word 'Canaan' is from a Hebrew word that means to bend the knee. That has a spiritual application. As long as we keep our knee bent to God, He pours out His blessings and gives us rest.

Thank You, Lord, that those who humbly seek You with all their hearts never lack Your blessing.

"He will give you all you need from day to day if you live for him and make the Kingdom of God your primary concern" (Matthew 6:33 NLT).