The Joy of Adoration

I recently read this quote by H. MacGregor: "With the single exception of adoration, in which God alone is the object, there is nothing higher than intercession." The rest of the chapter was on intercession, but that sentence stopped me. There is nothing higher that we can do than simply adore God.

I had lunch with a friend who has learned the secret of adoration. She said that we often pray "me, me and me day in and day out." But she shared "I became so hungry for more of His presence. I wanted to experience the Lord in a way that would capture my whole life, that would conquer my heart with His love and passion."

She discovered that adoration is a prayer of love to the Lord. Love is the Lord's language. He is love! And we want to hear Him, to know Him, and to have fellowship with Him. Adoration is to enter in through love.

She explained, "In adoration, we declare who He is! His awesome nature, what He does and all aspects of Him. We proclaim His nature, character and everything that makes Him good.

"We don't pray about or ask anything. We take our eyes away from ourselves. We exalt Him and decrease ourselves and our own problems. We see Him for who He is. For instance, you could say, 'God, you are the healer, You are the King, etc.'"

Once she began spending time adoring Christ, things started to change in her life. She said, "I got more intimacy with the Lord and loved Him more and more every day. Miracles started to happen around me without my asking or telling God how I wanted things to happen."

Dear Jesus, teach me to express my love for You in ways that satisfy both You and me.

"Love the Lord your God with all your heart" (Mark 12:30).