Spirit-Guided Shopping


"I haven't bought any new dress clothes in...I don't even remember when. Anyway, the Lord showed me that if I am going to be speaking, I need some defies-the-trends, quality clothing," said Debra. "Yesterday I felt the Lord leading me to an expensive dress shop downtown where I have never shopped before. So I went. Guess what? They had a whole rack full of executive-looking clothes marked 2/3 off the usual price!

"I prayed the whole time I was shopping. I have learned that when I buy stuff I don't need, God just requires that I give it away. I actually left some clothes in the store that looked great because I bought only what I felt the Lord was saying I needed.

"The store owner was boxing up the sale rack items this Saturday and shipping them off. If I had waited a few days in obeying the voice of God, the opportunity would have vanished! God is good. He wants to bring balance and self-control to every area of our lives."

It's true! God guides even shopping details for those who have a listening ear.

Only after Debra handed God control of her finances did she acquire the listening ear while shopping. She became willing to allow Him to choose her purchases and then to delight in His choices. When she no longer craved more than He wanted her to have, she found rest in her spirit!

Dear Lord, teach us to be sensitive to Your gentle nudges.

"Those who live in accordance with the Spirit have their minds set on what the Spirit desires" (Romans 8:5).