He Blew Their Opportunity


A mother emailed the following true account. "In 1995, my stepson spent 30 days in jail for an accident. He was 18. The jail broke that rebellious boy, and when he returned home, he said he would go to church with us. We had moved to a new town, so it was a time when he could renew his life both in life and in a new church.

"It was Christmas time, and on Christmas Eve, we attended a new church. My stepson wore jeans, a nice tea shirt, and a ball cap. His hair was longish, but clean. A few minutes after we sat down, an usher came to my stepson. He pointed his finger in his face and said, 'Take that cap off or get out.' My husband, son and I stood up and walked out.

"My husband and son went on out the door, but I stopped when I saw the pastor and the ushers in a small room holding hands and praying. I stepped inside, waited and when they finished, I said, 'You really blew it tonight.' After I'd explained, the pastor apologized and asked me please to stay.  He told an associate to go ahead and start the service, and he came out and talked with my husband and son. We chose not to go back inside. But the pastor understood.

"By the way, we chose another church, one that fit us. My stepson wore jeans and tea shirts and that hated ball cap to church and no one said a word. They welcomed him. Showed love to him and it made a huge difference in his life. I hope the first pastor and his church learned something positive through their error. I'm so glad the second pastor was gracious.

"How we treat others in church, no matter-what they wear, their race or their sexual orientation-can make a difference in their spiritual life. Let's love with with the love of Christ."

Please, Jesus, don't let us fail to love those You died for.

"Love...always protects, always trusts, always hopes, always perseveres" (1 Cor. 13:7).