Love Really Does Cover a Multitude of Sins


As Teri was reading in 1 Peter 4, she came across this verse: "Above all, love each other deeply, because love covers a multitude of sins." She stopped reading and pondered that simple statement.

"How would that work?" she wondered. We aren't supposed to cover up sins, are we? Perplexed, she prayed for wisdom.

Several days later she went to pick up her daughter at a nursery. The man ahead of the line was very loud and rude to the woman behind the counter.
She felt sorry for the woman. Then she was surprised when the woman behind the counter was cranky to the poor man who was now at the head of the line.

After the woman shoved the man's child at him, I began to feel sorry for myself and my daughter. I was next, and her angry face told me that I wasn't going to get any better treatment than the fellow ahead of me received.

I had only seconds before facing this angry care giver, so I prayed a frantic, desperate "I need help NOW, Lord."

Help came--but only in my mind. In a flash, I no longer saw the woman's anger, but that she was tired. Tired of trying to get through the day. Tired of running in place. I saw that the Lord loved her and wanted to gather her in His marvelous arms and comfort her.

I still wasn't quite sure what to do, but before she could say anything, I took a deep breath, stepped to the counter, and quietly said, "My, you have had a tough day today haven't you?"

Not exactly earth-shaking or particularly eloquent words, but they seemed to have an impact. I watched as her angry face relaxed and her body seemed to shrink. She leaned on the counter and rested her chin on her hand and wearily said, "You have no idea."

For the next minute or two, she vented and I sympathized. Finally, I patted her on the hand, and said, "God bless you. I'll pray for you."

"Thank you. I need it," she said and went to get my daughter.

While I was waiting, the verse that had perplexed me in 1 Peter came to mind. I could feel myself grinning. God had answered my prayer for wisdom about that verse by giving me an object lesson.

Holding my daughter's hand, I turned to walk away. Out of the corner of my eye, I saw the lady behind the counter smile and I heard her say sweetly to the next person, "May I see your I.D.? Please sign your name on the line marked, and I will get your children for you."

"Yes, it's true," I thought, "God's love poured into us and flowing out of us, has a way of covering, even putting a halt to a multitude of sins."