Her Father Runs the Trains

Marie Monsen was a Spirit-filled Norwegian missionary to China in the early 1900's. After spending some time with other missionaries, she planned to leave on Saturday to keep another appointment. But "higher orders" came for her to wait until Monday. When the missionary in charge heard this, he immediately responded that it was impossible as there were no trains on Mondays. She wondered if she had made a mistake, so she waited quietly before the Lord, but again she heard the same words: "Leave on Monday."

The leader was told her decision was unchanged, and again answered it was impossible to leave on Monday.
This troubled Marie and again she waited upon the Lord, but the same words came: "Leave on Monday." She could only respond. "Yes, Lord, and Thou wilt see to my catching a train on Monday." The peace that filled her heart after she prayed that prayer assured her all would be well.

On Sunday evening, the Chinese pastor asked to speak with her. He had not found peace and asked how he could be saved. She showed him the way to Jesus, and then she understood why her trip had been postponed.

At breakfast on Monday she asked the missionary if he would be kind enough to drive her to the station. He gave her to understand it was a ridiculous request. It was a long trip and the streets ofthat ancient city were not made for motor traffic. He obviously did not like having to set out on this crazy business.

When they drew up at the station, a freight train was standing there ready to leave. The missionary dashed into the station and soon returned with a ticket. With no time for words, she and her luggage were hurried into a brand new railway coach. She learned that the governor had telegraphed for a new carriage to be sent immediately at express speed to the capital, the very city she had to reach that Monday. Never before had she traveled in such a magnificent carriage.

"My sheep know me...My sheep listen to my voice" (Jn. 10:14, 27).