Hungry to Be Alone With Jesus?


For nearly a week one summer many years ago, my family was out of town or otherwise away from home at meal times. What a splendid time I had being out of the kitchen! I found myself at McDonald's once and sometimes even twice a day. After about four days of cheeseburgers and McNuggets, however, I began craving some real food even if I had to cook.

Sometimes I sense the need for a full-course meal on my knees. A period of abbreviated or dry devotions or a special need can make me long for an extended time with the Lord. I begin to look ahead to a whole morning, afternoon, or even a day or night that I can give to prayer.

Even Jesus felt the need for unhurried praying. "He went out to a mountainside to pray, and continued all night in prayer to God" (Luke 6:12).

Early one January I began to sense a need for fresh direction from God and set aside an afternoon to seek Him. I read the Bible, prayed, sang. That evening as I sat in our family room, a peace came to me so real that I felt as if I could reach out my hand and perhaps touch it. The next day God spoke a few words that gave new direction for my life.

Not every extended prayer time has brought such dramatic results, but I've found that God responds to any act of love. There is a price to pay for intimacy with God, but the rewards are far greater than the cost.

If the Spirit whispers, "I want to meet with you," or implants any longing to be alone with Him, accept His invitation to spend an extended, enjoyable time in His presence.

Thank You, Jesus, for every hunger I have to spend time in Your presence.

"Blessed are they who hunger...for they will be filled" (Matthew 5:6).