He Had No Anxiety

Hudson Taylor knew the joy of simply trusting. "I have not known what anxiety is since the Lord taught me that the work is His," was Mr. Taylor's testimony wherever he went. "My great business in life is to please God. Walking with Him in the light, I never feel a burden."

Our trust in God is the highest honor we can give Him. He delights in us when we trust in His promises despite delay, silence, or apparent refusal.

Often our doubts stem from looking at the immediate situation. Things aren't working out as we anticipated, and we begin to question if God truly heard and will answer our prayer. Sometimes to strengthen my faith, I envision ways God might answer my prayer. Then I ask myself, "What if none of those things happen? What if God's answer does not look the way I've anticipated, because He has something higher in mind? Will my faith remain?"

Only when I know I will continually believe no matter the apparent outcome, is my faith in God. Before that, my faith depends upon circumstances. This is sort of a "test run" for my faith. While in the Lord's presence, I allow Him to refine my faith. Am I looking only to Him? Am I trusting Him to bring about His highest plan in the way He chooses even if His higher ways don't match my expectations? I sometimes think of ways God can answer my prayer and then know I can probably check those answers off the possibilities. He seldom uses my ideas.

God will ensure that we receive the desire of our hearts when our most sincere desire is for His will.

Thank You, Jesus, for the joy of simply trusting You to fulfill Your purposes.

"Cast all your anxiety on him because he cares for you" (1 Peter 5:7).